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Moroccan Lighting

Here you will find our beautiful and exotic Moroccan lighting. Browse our range of Moroccan lanterns, chandeliers, and ceiling pendants and bring some boho ambiance to your home. Luxurious and eye-catching, our hanging lamps are a great addition to any room.

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Are you looking for a Moroccan lamp for your living room, or perhaps to bring some soft ambience with a light fixture above your dining room table? Take a look at our range below, inspired by Morocco.

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What is Moroccan lighting?

Moroccan lampshades are designed to draw attention. Usually made of metal, with varying exotic shapes and ornamental holes, lights inspired by Moroccan style cast intricate and dazzling shadows on your walls and ceiling.

Too often, ceiling lights are an afterthought. They are installed to provide light to your room, of course, but what if you thought of your light as a primary feature? Moroccan style lights are great for this as they provide such a stunning visual whether they are switched on or off.

How to Choose Your Light

Moroccan Design

The first step in choosing your perfect light is to consider the design of your room. As you will be able to see, our Moroccan range is highly detailed and metallic, with all sorts of fun shapes and sizes.

Lights like this can act as a focal point to your room if you have a more minimal style, or can add even more layers of design to a maximalist room.

You should also consider the size of your room and the space you have. You may have the space for our teardrop shaped ceiling lamps, or maybe you would prefer a wide yet shallow pendant lamp, perfect for hanging above a dining table.


Because our Moroccan ceiling lights are designed to reflect and shine patterns around your room, they are made from silver plated brass or silver metalwork.

Metallic light fixtures are modern, attention-demanding pieces and look great in any room!

Mounting System

All of the items in our Moroccan light range are types of ceiling light, hanging lamps, or hanging lanterns.

This means that there is no need to install new fixtures like wall sconces; they can simply be installed where your ceiling lights are. Installing the lampshades of our Moroccan pendant lights is kept as simple as possible.

Moroccon Lighting FAQs

While simply “Moroccan lights” would suffice, they can also be called “Turkish lights”, “Moroccan hanging lights” or “Moroccan lanterns”.
Moroccan home decor can often include lots of luxurious fabrics in rich colours, with textures and patterns. You may also see some mother-of-pearl or mosaic tiles in Moroccan inspired design.