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Kitchen Lighting

Here you will find Pendalier’s exceptional kitchen lighting collection, in a range of different styles to suit any kitchen project.

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The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house, especially for people who love to cook. Selecting the right lighting is an important part of your kitchen's interior design. Most importantly, good quality lighting has an impact on our mental health and wellbeing. We are here to make sure you make a good choice about your kitchen.  

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Although functionality is a crucial element to consider, it doesn't have to be just about that. Think about the atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen and how you want to feel when spending time there. Consider creating a space where you feel inspired, comfortable and blissful. The right lighting scheme will help you achieve that.

Lighting upgrades for every kitchen

There are three main aspects to consider among your kitchen lighting ideas: task, mood, and feature.

Task lighting requires the brightest light and focuses on covering working areas, such as preparation and cooking areas or the sink. Mood lights are softer and diffused for a more relaxing mode. Feature lighting brings character to your kitchen with statement pieces or spotlights that have an interesting aspect, like a colour-changing system, dimmable lights option, or in-cupboard illumination.

Types of kitchen lighting


This type of lighting was originally used as an economic solution but has developed into an essential part of interior design. Pendant lights are characterised by a single bulb (usually bare) and a means of suspension. They are traditionally hung from the ceiling in the middle of the room to provide general lighting in large spaces.

They are also placed on top of a dining table, an island unit, or cooking spaces to provide focused light. It's best to combine a big pendant lamp with smaller wall bulbs, table lamps or other fixtures to create a sense of scale.

Pendant lights are ideal for kitchens because they combine functionality and aesthetics. Have a look at our great selection of pendant bulbs.


Chandeliers were traditionally used to bring a touch of elegance and luxury; they are now used in all spaces, including the kitchen. Modern designed chandeliers satisfy the taste of different people in their everyday life instead of being reserved for special occasions or exclusive luxurious buildings.

Similarly to the pendant, chandeliers offer general light in your kitchen while also bringing something of interest – a hint of character/personality and personal style.


Kitchen ceiling lights are commonly used for large spaces. Suspension refers to light bulbs that hang from the ceiling just like pendant lights. You can use this method to introduce a creative and visually attractive element to the interior design of your kitchen. This may include a single centrepiece in the middle of the ceiling or a cluster of suspended lights. 

Kitchen light buying guide


The design of your kitchen is really a matter of personal preference. There are myriads of different styles of kitchen lights you can use to create a space in which you feel comfortable and happy spending time. Use a single centrepiece for general illumination or numerous smaller bulbs. You can also combine different styles and sizes for a unique lighting system.


Selecting the finishes should be an easy task once you decide what kind of kitchen lights you want to use. Consider the colours and styles in your kitchen and select a finish that will match the environment. For example, you can add white or matt white finishes to blend with the ceiling or go with antique brass to match the rest of the fixtures or furniture in the room.


Consider how different levels of light brightness make you feel when you enter your kitchen, depending on the use of different areas.

People usually need more light on working areas, like cooking spaces, prep counters, and sinks. You can add a large pendant light or spotlights for general illumination and fill the shadows with smaller lamps so you can have more than one option.


The introduction of LED light bulbs brought a new way of seeing energy. LED lights are more sustainable, energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan. We know you want the best for your kitchen and we are here to make sure you make an informed decision. Let us know if you have any questions about light efficiency.

Why should you choose Pendalier for your kitchen lighting?

Our goal is to assist you to design the kitchen you've always wanted. With our deep knowledge and experience in interior design, we offer our customers free consultations about the options they have in kitchen lamps.

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Kitchen LightingFAQs

It all comes down to your personal taste. Commonly, we add a pendant lamp or spotlights in the middle of the room for general lighting that fits the size and design of the room. We suggest you combine the centrepiece light with smaller lights that create ambience when you don't feel like having a bright light in your kitchen.
LED downlights are a great alternative to the old halogen bulbs because of their sustainability, energy efficiency and overall safety. There are many options for LED kitchen lights, like replaceable bulbs or lights with built-in bulbs and LED panels. The latter is a practical and stylish solution for your kitchen lights as they take up minimum space and come in various designs.
This depends on your purpose and preferences. As a general rule, you want brighter light on the working areas of your kitchen, like the sink, the cooking area or the kitchen island unit. You can combine pendant lights and softer wall or table lamps to change the atmosphere in the kitchen as you wish.
Kitchen wall lights are a great alternative to suspended ceiling lights. You can play around with different styles, sizes and shapes to elevate your kitchen and fill the empty walls. Unlike suspended lights, kitchen wall lights provide softer, dim light and create ambience. They can be combined with hanging task lights so you can adjust the ambience of the room according to your given mood.
You can consult our design experts for creative ideas and inspiration about your kitchen light solution. We have more than 15 years of experience to guide you through the process of imagining your ideal kitchen and then making it a reality. Browse our website for amazing kitchen illumination ideas and let us know your thoughts. Here are some ideas to consider: Choose an eye-catching centrepiece, placed either in the middle of your kitchen, above the dining table or on top of the island unit for emphasis and elegance. Blend different modern and traditional styles for a creative twist. Add long hanging lights on tall ceilings to fill the space – layer lights vertically, not just horizontally. Think about ways to save energy by incorporating LEDs at multiple levels in your kitchen. Group smaller understated lamps for a dramatic effect. Drop us a call if you need inspiration and ideas for your kitchen light design.