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Industrial Lighting

At Pendalier, we offer a unique and high-quality selection of industrial lights in a range of styles and colours at affordable prices.

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At Pendalier, we offer a unique and high-quality selection of lights in a range of styles and colours at affordable prices, hand-picked by our professionals with over 15 years of design experience and a passion for transforming your space with stunning and striking lights.

From glamorous statement-piece chandeliers to innovative outdoor and garden lighting, rest assured we have the perfect style for you. 

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Below, you can peruse our collection of lights and shop our latest products available for online purchase in the UK with free delivery on any order over £100. Our industrial style lighting is versatile and works well in both commercial and personal home interior spaces. 

Emulate the timeless industrial style in your own home – a great choice for a dining room or kitchen for a rustic and vintage look. 

At Pendalier, we also offer exclusive lighting collections for commercial spaces, including bars and restaurants, offices, and hotels in a wide variety of style choices, materials, and finishings.

Types of industrial lighting

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights provide the main source of lighting in a room and can be easily installed into a ceiling. They come in a range of designs, including single bulb pendant light fixtures with shades, dynamic cluster lights, which have been a popular trend in recent years, and multi-pendant lights. 

Surface ceiling lights are mounted onto a ceiling and are perfect for spaces with exposed ceilings. For a more subtle and sleek look, recessed ceiling lights are installed directly into and hidden within a ceiling. 

Floor lights

Floor lights, also known as plinth lights, provide an extra light source if you feel your space requires it. They’re perfect for living rooms as they’re unobtrusive, subtle, and add an extra touch with a high-tech wow factor. 

They’re also popularly used to create mood lighting. If you're going for that industrial feel, then floor lights are going to be one of the best ways to achieve it.


Suspension lights are perfect for interior spaces with high ceilings. They offer the main source of light in a room and can illuminate a broader area more so than other types of lighting. They also provide a wonderful industrial style to any space, and can instantly add a ton of character.

They’re a subcategory of ceiling lights and can be pendants or chandeliers – they simply feature a light that is suspended from a ceiling by a variety of cords, ropes, or chains. 

Pendant lights

A pendant light, also known as a drop suspender, is a staple in light fixtures. Simply, it’s a type of light that features a single light bulb paired with a lampshade that is characteristically suspended from a ceiling. 

They’re a simpler choice of light in comparison to the grand chandelier, and they provide enough lighting to cover an entire room. They also come in a range of shade styles, including glass and metal as well as trendy industrial finishings such as copper and even concrete. 

Lampshades can really transform a space depending on their finishing: glass is a great choice to create ambient lighting, but for a more streamlined and concentrated light source, metal is ideal. 

Choosing the right industrial lighting


The right lighting design can be the missing piece for your space. When browsing, you’ll want to select a design that fits your industrial aesthetic and complements any other decor in your home. 

With our extensive lighting collection available in a wide range of designs, you’re bound to discover the perfect style for you! Blend style and functionality whilst personalising your home – the possibilities are endless. 


Lighting finishes are also important factors when choosing the right industrial lights.  

Classic industrial lights are characterised by their dark colours such as black, charcoal grey and dark brown as well as metallic finishes, including wrought iron, copper, brass, and steel – a safe and timeless choice. 

But don’t be afraid to be bold! With a lighting fixture you can add a subtle pop of colour – try a royal blue or olive green.


It’s important to consider the space you’re purchasing a light for.

Ask yourself, where will you install the light? What is the best type of lighting fixture for my space? This will help you narrow down your options so you can pick the right lighting for you. 

For example, if you're decorating a dining area, a pendant light is perfect for over the dining table. If your space has a rather low ceiling, you’ll want to select ceiling mounted lights and floor lamps as opposed to pendant lighting.

Why should you choose Pendalier for lighting solutions?

At Pendalier, we’ve been selling stylish and unique lights since 2016 fit for designers that filled a gap in the lighting market. 

We provide exceptional high-quality products that are hand-selected by interior design experts. You can make your dream interior space a reality with our stunning lights exclusive to Pendalier – your home will be like no other. 

Our sleek and sophisticated online store offers affordable online prices complete with unparalleled customer service. Purchase your perfect lights from the comfort of your own home! Whatever lighting solution you require, we’ve got you covered.

Industrial Lighting FAQ

Industrial lights are suitable and work well in all rooms - kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms. They combine the vintage and rustic aesthetic of factory spaces with the functionality and durability of their classic materials. They’re a sleek and simple style characterised by their distressed finishes, geometric wire cage-style lampshades, exposed bulbs, and brass pipes. Finish off your kitchen with industrial pendant lighting or make a statement in your living room with an elegant chandelier.
The industrial style is timeless and is still a popular trend in light fixtures today - its main feature being longevity. The style is constantly evolving, and it offers that vintage charm whilst remaining modern and fresh.
Styling industrial lighting doesn't have to be difficult; be sure to keep it simple. Before purchasing any lights, take note of the designs you particularly like and create your own unique layout. Less is more when it comes to the industrial style: a statement piece paired with a complementary industrial lamp, for example, is ideal. Pendalier is the go-to online store for lights that will add a touch of flair and elegance to your space.