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Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting is an important component of any property, as it contributes to both functional and aesthetic illumination. Designed and selected with you in mind, we offer a range of indoor lighting from ceiling lights, chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps.

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At Pendalier, we offer a wide array of different styles of lights focused on task, mood and general lighting. A necessity for every type of building, lighting for the indoors is extremely important when it comes to providing a light source during the nighttime or setting the mood within the room. 

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Create the perfect atmosphere and enhance any space with an impressive piece from our hand-picked collection. Our lighting is beautiful and functional, offering stylish solutions to any design situation, from an eye-catching visual feature to understated elegance.

From pendant lights to hang above your kitchen island or ceiling lights to add character to your living room. Don't wait any longer to peruse our elegant range and buy from Pendalier now.

We are proud of our comprehensive selection of unique indoor lighting options. We have a beautiful array of great lightings such as wall lights and table lamps. Browse our indoor lighting section today and be sure to fall in love with our exclusive lighting concepts.

Types of Indoor Lighting

Task Lighting

Just as its name suggests, task lighting is designed to illuminate your home more efficiently so that you are able to carry out specific tasks. Placing significance on increasing contrast is also what is important about task lighting, as this is an important feature to prevent visibility loss.

Mood Lighting

An exciting type of home lighting that has become more popular in recent years. Mood lighting or 'ambient lighting' allows you to create an atmosphere within your home. Different to task lighting, it is much softer and more for winding down and relaxing.

General Lighting

General lighting is background lighting with no specific area of illumination. It gives an overview of a room and allows someone to see the function of the space that they're in.

Choosing the Best Indoor Lighting


When considering the design of your lighting, there are a few factors that are important. Firstly, consider the space you have and decide on a lighting size and style. Maybe you want semi flush ceiling lights for an addition that doesn't make too much of a statement. Or maybe you're after a large piece that is the main attraction.

Most importantly, think about your own personal interior preferences and see if it fits with the lighting you are choosing. Consider the colour scheme in your room, the height of the ceiling, the shape of the room and other lights in your home.


The finish of your lighting is more important than many people may think. For example, the current popular finish is soft gold. Light fixture finish options include bronze, silver or even colours and other materials.

The colour of your sockets, light switches and door handles will help you to decide on a finish. People typically stick with the same colour in each room as it ties the room together and stops it from looking out of place.


The room that your light is for is going to influence which style of lighting you choose. If you are looking for a light to hang over the table in your dining room, this is going to influence the style you are going for.

Mounting options

You should also consider which mounting options you would like to go for. Floor standing lamps are a nice option for a large space as they emit a lot of light in the corner of a room, perfect for a reading corner.

Wall lights are great for illuminating a dark wall or a small room! They are also great for creating an atmosphere.

Ceiling lights are good for lighting up a whole room. Often used in combination with other types of lighting to create ambience, they are a great option for many rooms.

Why Choose Pendalier For Your Interior Lighting Needs?

If you're looking for beautiful and practical pieces to add character to your home, Pendalier offer lighting that is carefully selected by experienced designers. Founded in 2016, we are dedicated to sourcing elegant and unique lighting and providing it to our beloved customers.

Somewhere you can trust, Pendalier is an accessible lighting shop, no matter where you are. Based in Yorkshire, we source our products globally, so you can be sure you're getting the very best from around the world.

With unmatched customer service, you will never feel in the dark. Contact our team today to have all of your questions answered quickly and start browsing our incredible range.

Indoor Lighting FAQs

LEDs are good for a number of reasons. Not only do they last a lot longer than a typical light bulb, but they also use less energy. This is more convenient and also allows you to save money on your energy bills too!
Different types of lighting are important for particular rooms, as they serve different functions. Task lighting is good for rooms such as a laundry room or kitchen, where specific activities are carried out and high visibility is necessary. However, a living room would not require such high contrast therefore ambient lighting is nice for creating a cosy atmosphere. At Pendalier, we offer all types of lighting for any room in your home. Look no further and buy today!
As a relatively new technology, many people worry that it is not safe to use in their homes and question whether they should avoid it. This is not the case, LED lights are safe to be left on and don't pose any more of a hazard in your bedroom than regular light bulbs. LED lighting can actually promote healthy sleep and therefore is a good option in the bedroom. Browse our range of LED indoor lights for your home today.
Improving your lighting can start with matching it to your specific interior design style and the existing furniture in your home. Matching the accessories to your lighting, such as blinds and curtains is a good place to start. Pendalier can help you get started. Call the company number today or contact our customer service team by email and start your journey to improving your interior.