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Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are an often-overlooked yet crucial component of upgrading your home’s interior lighting. It’s easy to get enthusiastic about stunning light fixtures, but by choosing the correct light bulb, you can maximise your illumination options.

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The perfect illumination is also so important for setting the right tone in your home and to showcase your interior design and space to its best advantage.

Browse our exceptional range of bulbs today, and discover how you can completely personalise your lighting experience to achieve the right ambience in your home.

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Bulbs are an often overlooked but important part of improving the indoor lighting of your home. It can be all too easy to be excited about beautiful light fixtures, but by picking the right bulb, you can really make the most of your lighting choices.

Here at Pendalier, we offer a comprehensive range of quality bulbs that can achieve any illumination effect you would like.

Whether you're looking for a warm-toned, dimmer light that can cater to a cosy environment, or a brighter one to chase those shadows away, we have the bulb for you.

High-quality light bulbs for every situation

We offer a modern reproduction of traditional bulbs, with LED filaments that are much more energy-efficient with better brightness.

The transition from a traditional halogen bulb makes all the difference when it comes to improving the ambience in your home. Our selection comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to allow you to even further customise your lighting experience.

Choose from rounder-shaped bulbs for an even spread of light, or narrower bulbs to direct your light more accurately. Buy your bulbs from Pendalier today, confident in their quality and reliability.

Types of light bulbs

Halogen bulbs

Similarly to traditional incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs use a significant amount of energy and illuminate to full brightness instantly.

These bulbs are filled with halogen gas and have a filament in the middle. Halogen bulbs are no longer sold in the UK in an effort to reduce the nation's carbon footprint, as LEDs use over 80% less energy.

LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs are an innovative technological advancement. They are great for your home as they emit just as much light as the traditional bulb whilst producing less heat and lasting significantly longer.

This not only makes LED bulbs much better for the environment, but they are also mostly hassle-free and save you money in the long term.

Incandescent bulbs

Around since the 1800s, incandescent lamps work with heat and do not contain a filament, unlike LEDs.

However, these bulbs are also extremely energy inefficient and have a short lifespan, making them impractical lighting solutions compared to modern advancements.

Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes emit UV radiation and contain mercury gas. Although it is unlikely that these bulbs can hurt us, if they are not handled carefully, they can be harmful to our lungs and nervous systems.

Light bulb buying guide

Bulb type

When it comes to choosing the correct type of bulb for your home, it is a straightforward decision.

LED lamps have not grown in popularity in the UK for no reason – they are energy-efficient and have much longer life spans than other traditional bulbs. In fact, LED bulbs are the only type that we sell in our collection. Shop online today for LED bulbs in an array of colours and sizes to suit all of your needs.


LED bulbs do not use a high amount of wattage and typically only use up to 10W maximum. At Pendalier, most of our lamps are 4W but we do offer some 7W.

It is important to keep in mind that LED bulbs are already powerful, and therefore higher wattage does not necessarily mean your bulb will be brighter. If you have particular questions about which bulb you should get, do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful customer service team.


Your bulb fitting is determined by the measurement between the two pins at the bottom of a bulb.

The most common fitting we offer is E27, which is incidentally the most popular in the UK and Europe. We also offer the E14, which is designed for smaller fixtures or chandeliers.

If you are not sure which type of fitting your lighting requires, call our company number or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Light colour

Light colour can play a significant role in the mood that your lighting creates within your home.

We offer a great selection of light bulb finishes here for you to choose from. For example, the gold finish of our LED bulbs produces a much warmer tone and creates a cosier atmosphere. On the other hand, our antique brass finish offers a lower brightness, and our frosted bulbs soften your lighting.


The bulb shape is important if you're looking for a particular aesthetic in your home.

Rounder bulbs provide an equal distance for the filament inside, therefore allowing the light to spread more evenly in the room. Other different types of bulb shapes achieve different effects at Pendalier, we can help you with this further.

Light Bulbs FAQs

There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to purchasing bulbs, though this might not seem apparent. Many factors can affect the way your lighting looks, including bulb shape and size. However, you don't have to do this alone. Enquire with us today and get exactly what you're looking for.
Standing for light-emitting diode, LED bulbs are energy-efficient bulbs with a long life span and are also extremely effective.
Although they use less wattage than incandescent lamps and are more efficient, LED bulbs can give off the same amount of light.
Warm-toned bulbs are much better for bedrooms as they are a lot less irritating to the eyes. They also give off a much cosier atmosphere than white toned bulbs.
The most environmentally friendly bulb, which is allowing the UK to reduce its carbon footprint significantly, is the LED bulb. Using less wattage, an LED can be just as powerful as a traditional incandescent lamp.
By purchasing your bulbs from Pendalier, you are paying for reliable and high-quality products. Not only is there a good choice of colours, shapes and lightbulb brands, but you can also browse bulbs exclusive to Pendalier. Don't sacrifice your personal preferences when it comes to lighting your home, buy from Pendalier and speak to our friendly customer service team with any questions you might have.