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Ceiling Lights

Make an impressive addition to your home with beautiful ceiling lights from our newest lighting collection. Perfect for livening up spaces with exposed ceilings. 

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Stylish ceiling lights are always a source of adding pizzazz to dull rooms. A new ceiling light can create a very comfortable atmosphere, liven up your space, and improve your mood.

But, how do you find the perfect ceiling light?

We have a large variety of different ceiling lights in various colours, styles, and finishes. Whether you need something that isn't too intimidating but gives a welcoming aura in your hallway or desire something that can considerably add to the brightness in your dining room,  we have it all!

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Our extra stylish ceiling lights are the centre of attention in a room, bring out the beauty in your furniture and just generally provide a bright environment. You absolutely must explore our range because you will never find so many different lights in one place again!

From the eccentric to the traditional, these are the best lights in the world! The style of lights from across the world are now available for you at special prices right here in the UK!

Upgrade your home with high-quality ceiling lights

– Have you ever felt that your room was lacklustre or had eerie darkness about it?
Does your furniture not seem as impressive as it should be because nothing highlights it?
– Do you always apply Instagram filters to pictures of your interior to make it look brighter and more stylish?

The solution to all of these problems is not complicated at all. All you need are ceiling lights- and your home will feel like a spectacular haven!

Interior decorators claim that ceiling lights can help transform a room and are the perfect addition to any interior- making it appear more spacious, comfortable, and awe-inspiring overall!

Advantages of ceiling lights

There are a number of advantages to choosing ceiling lights!


Ceiling lights are great as they are the main source of light in most rooms and can adorn any room including a bedroom, dining room, hallway, and even bathroom! The light easily spreads throughout the space and creates an ambience that can be anything from grand to relaxing.

Easy to maintain

Once the ceiling lights are placed, they usually require very little maintenance and are long-lasting. You can also choose from several styles including flush mount lights or semi-flush mount lights depending on how close you want them to be to your ceiling. 

Flush lights go well with low ceilings because they don't occupy a lot of space while you may want a semi-flush arrangement for high ceilings.


Flush lights with LED lights can be very energy efficient or you can choose to add spotlights in your ceiling lights to emphasise upon a certain object, such as a basket, mirrors, or to make the dining table and other furniture more prominent.

Set a relaxing mood by choosing dimmable lights or add style to a dark and dull area by adding ample lighting.

There are so many features and styles to choose from in our range. Light up your sky and create a mesmerising aura with our selection.

Which brands are available?

Another aspect besides the mood that a light inspires or the style is what brand the ceiling lighting belongs to. Our range includes renowned brands from all over the world including Ebb & Flow from Denmark, Dyberg Larsen, GROK, and Terzani.

All of these brands are very well renowned and offer exquisite and exclusive pieces that are a source of pride for any room and can be found in the bathroom, hallways, and many other rooms within a house.

Our range is literally made to suit every style and personality and we aim to create a look that allures and impresses with no filters applied!

Why choose Pendalier for ceiling lighting?

There are many reasons to choose Pendalier and we have already mentioned a few above. However, we must go on to say that we know what we are doing because we have been in the business since 2016. 

Experienced team

One of our founders has over two decades of interior design experience and our other creative mind is a highly experienced project manager.

We have travelled far and wide to maintain relationships with the best suppliers and to explore different types of ceiling lights. We can look at a room and tell you exactly what style of light would give you the perfect final effect and we believe we create magic.

Huge range of lighting for every situation

Lighting makes a room come alive and is also the best addition outdoors. That's why we are in this business! From spotlights to ceiling lights, your favourite home accessories are usually in stock and we go to great lengths to ensure our customers get the experience they want.

We also offer customised lighting for any room in your house if the ceiling lights you see in our collection don't fit your criteria. Our aim is to ensure that your interior is always in style and you get the best environment possible, and we don't stop at any length to achieve that.

Providing lighting for all types of interiors is our passion, not only our business and we take great pride in creating masterpieces!

Explore our wide range of ceiling lights and consult our experts for the right style! Pendalier is your one-stop-shop for everything related to lighting!

Ceiling Lights FAQs

Accordion Sample DMany different types of bulbs can be used in ceiling lights. LED bulbs are very bright but do not absorb a lot of energy so they are ideal for ceiling lights. You can also choose incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lighting.escription
Yes, sensor-controlled ceiling lights are available and are perfect for instant brightness whenever someone steps into a room. However, they are a bit more energy-consuming than regular lights.
Yes, LEDs are a great choice for your kitchen ceiling light because they give off ample light and don't consume a lot of energy. They also make the room appear larger.
It is possible to install ceiling lights yourself by attaching the light and the ceiling bracket to a spot on your roof. However, we always highly recommend that you use a qualified electrician to wire the light to your electric box. Light installations are not always easy and pendant lights are often really heavy!
LED ceiling lights can emit anywhere from 300-500 lumens. Ideally, you should choose a light that emits about 30-40 lumens per square foot.