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Bedroom Lighting

Here you will find Pendalier’s exceptional bedroom lighting collection, in a range of different styles: Pendants, Table Lamps, Chandeliers and more.

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Our stylish range of lighting is not only of high quality but delivers innovative and creative designs to provide a sense of individuality for your rooms. No matter the purpose, we have functional lights for every need, whether that be for reading or atmospheric lighting.

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Make your bedroom your own cosy haven with our fantastic range of lights in a selection of designs from contemporary styles to classic simplicity. We will work with you to walk through the light options to determine the most suitable fitting for your needs and the room's interior, so you know that you will be receiving a product you are happy with.

Stylish lights for every bedroom

Here you will find our selection of exquisite bedroom lighting in a variety of styles to add a touch of eccentricity or classic charm to your room. Explore our range of lighting to accommodate different needs whether that be as a mounted light, floor lamp or table lamp, you'll find many models to enhance your room.

If you feel you could benefit from advice from our experts, please feel free to contact us through email at hello@pendalier.com or give us a call on 03442410815.

Types of bedroom lighting

Ceiling light

Our ceiling lights come in a variety of styles to work with any room or project, from an unconventional design to a classic chic chandelier. They beautifully enhance your bedroom space by providing widespread atmospheric lighting.

Bedside lamp

A bedroom isn't complete without a bedside table lamp for easy access. Our selection of bedside lights come in both charming modern designs and those with an artistic twist. These are also ideal for providing a targeted light for reading without being imposing when you are winding down.


A pendant light is a great option for lighting to illuminate your entire room from a subtle design perspective to create effortless glamour. Although typically associated with areas such as kitchen countertops, these also help to evoke a calming and comfortable atmosphere which is perfect for a cosy bedroom.

Wall light

Our collection of wall lamps are suitable for both blending into your room's surroundings and for standing out as a statement feature. These provide enough light to illuminate the room and accommodate reading, but also not too much that they keep you awake.

Bedroom light buying guide


When you are deciding what design is right for you, take a look at your bedroom as a whole. Taking note of the aesthetics of the furniture and decor can provide a steer on what lighting designs will complement the surroundings the best. Also consider the practicalities of the area, for example where your switch is located, how big your bedside table is or where the nearest plug sockets are.

For instance, take a look at what bed frame style you have or if there are any stand-out accessories in the room. Of course, feel free to express yourself with some abstract and enthralling lamp types.


Consider what finish you are searching for by looking at what colour scheme your bedroom holds. If there are any particular splashes of colour that jump out to you, this may provide a steer on what light finish can enhance your room.

If you want your bedroom lamp to stand out, feel free to opt for a bold or vibrant colour. Likewise, if you want something to blend into the surroundings, a chrome shade is a sensible option.


As the light will be in your bedroom, you are likely to want the lamp to be warm in tone or unintrusive. Therefore, think carefully when selecting a lamp design, how intense you want the LED lamps to be and what the required light bulb is.

On the same lines, consider the impact of indirect light as the intensity, style and positioning of the light can create illumination for tasks such as makeup application and hairstyling.


You should also keep in mind how you want your bedroom lamp to be mounted, are you thinking of a statement floor lamp, a new ceiling light or mounted wall lights? The different types of mounting and lighting fixtures will have varying levels of suitability depending on the size and space availability of your bedroom and the overall look you're envisioning.

Also, consider where you would like your lights to go. For example, wardrobe, mirror and cabinet lights are becoming increasingly popular for being aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Why choose Pendalier for your bedroom lights?

Our vast selection of high-quality bedroom lighting offers lamps to suit any taste or style, as well as coming in various colours and means of fixing. We recommend perusing the shop as a source of inspiration for your potential bedroom lamps.

So please feel free to get in touch with our team if you would like some further advice or guidance.

Bedroom Lighting FAQs

There is no reason why you shouldn't use LED lights in your bedroom. Not only are they generally more affordable, but they are also more eco-friendly due to their longer lifespan. LEDs are also great for allowing you to control their dimming intensity, which is beneficial for avoiding harsh lights before bed.
Although this does come down to personal preference, you are likely to want your bedroom to have a cosy atmosphere before you settle down to sleep. Therefore, having a soft light with dimming capabilities is the ideal choice. However, a simple way to determine how much lighting you need is to multiply the square footage of your bedroom by between 10 and 20 to determine the lumens you need.
Generally, the primary light source in a bedroom is recommended to be from the ceiling due to it being able to provide widespread illumination. However, wall lights are a good alternative as well as being useful for providing targeted lighting such as for reading.
The best bedroom light brand will depend entirely on your preferences and needs, but for simple modern lighting take a look at our Terzani, Metal Lux and GROK collections. If you are looking for something more artistic, see our MASIERO collection.
Bedroom lights tend to take bulbs that emit around 800 lumens, which are gentler on the eyes to allow for enough light for reading but not so much that it'll keep you awake. However, if you have a work area or a vanity, you may want more targeted lights in those areas. But keep in mind that cooler-toned lights instil alertness, whereas warmer tones are best suited for a relaxed atmosphere.