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20 May 2018

Have a Lightbulb Moment!

How your choice of lightbulb can make your light come to life!

To make the most of that perfect light, the finishing touch has to be the lightbulb. Choosing the right lightbulb will set the atmosphere in your room, add to the design of your light fitting and show your light fitting off to its full potential.  YET… the vast choice available, alongside all the technical jargon might well be enough to put you off!

Here are our top tips on choosing the perfect lightbulb for your light.

Seeing through the jargon…

Incandescent: The incandescent light bulb is a source of electric light that works by the emission of light caused by heating the filament.
Halogen: This type of bulb has a filament enclosed in halogen gas, so they can burn hotter than an incandescent but still use less energy.
LED: LED stands for ‘light emitting diode.’ A diode is an electrical component which conducts electricity only in one direction. The diode emits a bright light around the bulb.

Watts: A measure of the amount of energy consumed by the bulb.
Lumens: The lumen (lm) is the real measurement of brightness provided by a light bulb, and is the number you should look for when shopping for LEDs.

…But what do I need?

Kelvins: The colour temperature the bulb will give out.  The lower the number, the warmer and yellower the lightThe higher the number the whiter and brighter the light.

…But what fitting do I have and what cap do I need?

Above all, if you have any further questions?  Contact us, we can help!