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24 September 2018

Ebb and Flow Rowan Pendants

The Elegant Glass Pendant That Is Lighting The Way In 2018.

Pendalier are proud to be a leading retailer for a brand that is rapidly establishing itself as one of the very best. Fittingly the Rowan Pendant by Ebb and Flow has been our most sought after light of 2018.  For that reason we are celebrating this this exceptional pendant with a superb sale across our Rowan Range.

Hung here are a cluster of large Golden Smoke, medium Obsidian and small Golden Smoke, and it’s easy to see why these Ebb and Flow Rowan pendants are so popular.  High quality craftmanship make these sturdy lights look elegant and delicate.  Furthermore the perfectly subtle tones in the glass beautifully reflect the light to make a stunning feature.


To see a video showing these pendants in situ visit us on our You Tube  channel.

Who are Ebb and Flow?
These exceptional pendants come from Denmark and are created by the talented glass makers at Ebb & Flow.  All Ebb & Flow designs start with the owner, Susanne Nielsen and for every creation she uses classic British and Nordic style as a starting point. Above all  Nielson has a passion for the natural materials glass, crystal, metal and textiles and the result is a style that infuses lighting and glass with a fine airy simplicity and a modern edge.

Our extensive range is found on our Rowan page.
Here you will find a vast range of colours, finishes and sizes and the Pendalier team are always on hand to help you with any request. Contact us if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for,  we can help.

We have Clear glass, Metalic stripes and gently coloured glass in a wide range of shades available.

Similarily, we have cut glass designs in a wide range of styles.

Rowan Cut Glass Range Rowan Pendant Small Check Gold

Other worldly shades such as Alabaster and Obsidian bring a unique and individual quality to our Rowan Pendants.

Rowan Pendant Alabaster

You will also find a huge range of Ebb and Flow Rowan Wall lights that work fantasically with the pendants to transform any room.

Rowan Wall Lamp Medium Stripe Silver Rowan Wall Lamp Topaz Blue Rowan Wall Lamp Olive Rowan Wall Lamp Obsidian Rowan Wall Lamp Large Check Gold Rowan Wall Lamp Bright Coral

Which bulbs would look best in my Ebb and Flow Rowan Pendants?

Due to their sperical shape the Rowan Pendants are complemented wonderfully by these LED bulbs. Here is a large Globo Big, medium Globo Small and small Sfera E14 from our Ideal Lux range. Furthermore, these Vintage bulbs give a warm, cosy glow whilst providing ample light to illuminate even a large space.


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